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Know Your Enemy


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For centuries, military organizations have relied on scouts to gather intelligence about the enemy. The scouts' mission was to find out who the enemy was, what they were doing, how they might attack, the weapons they use, and their ultimate objectives. Time and again this kind of data has proven critical in defending against, and defeating, the enemy.

In the field of information security, scouts have never existed. Very few organizations know who their enemy is or how they might attack;

what the enemy does once they compromise a system; and, perhaps most important, why they attack. The Honeynet Project is changing this. A research organization of thirty security professionals, the group is dedicated to learning the tools, tactics, and motives of the blackhat community. As with military scouts, the mission is to gather valuable information on the enemy.

The primary weapon of the Honeynet Project is the Honeynet, a unique solution designed to capture and study the blackhat's every move. In this book you will learn in detail not only what the Honeynet Project has discovered about adversaries, but also how Honeynets are used to gather critical information.

Know Your Enemy includes extensive information about

  • The Honeynet: A description of a Honeynet; information on how to plan, build, and maintain one; and coverage of risks and other related issues.
  • The Analysis: Step-by-step instructions on how to capture and analyze data from a Honeynet.
  • The Enemy: Presents what the project learned about the blackhat community, including documented compromised systems.

Aimed at both security professionals and those with a nontechnical background, this book teaches the technical skills needed to study a blackhat attack and learn from it. The CD includes examples of network traces, code, system binaries, and logs used by the Honeynet Project

The Honeynet Project is a group of thirty security professionals dedicated to learning the tools, tactics, and motives of blackhats and sharing their lessons learned. Each individual in the group has a unique background and skill set, all of which contribute to the project.

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Informationen zum Buch 

Titel: Know Your Enemy
Untertitel: Revealing the security tools, tactics, and motives of the blackhat community
Autor/en: The Honeynet Project
Verlag: Addison Wesley
Erstausgabe: 2001
Seiten: 328 1
inkl. CD: Ja
ISBN: 0-201-74613-1
Preis: 42,70 EUR
Sprache: Englisch

Kommentar von Florian Rittmeier 

Leider bin ich bisher aus Zeitmangel auch bei diesem wirklich guten Buch nicht über die ersten paar Seiten gekommen. Aber ich kann es schon von dem was ich gelesen hab und was ein Freund zum Buch gesagt hat, als sehr empfehlenswert weiterempfehlen.

Die Bewertung konnte ich daher nicht genauer ausfüllen und hab es erstmal auf diesen "mittlern" Werten belassen.